Winter Training

Winter, days are getting shorter and nights longer and we tend to want to spend more time partaking in R&R and less time training, fear not this is not a bad thing as the body is programmed to eat and sleep more as the winter approaches. Our aim is to take this knowledge and create habits that complement these states. This allows us to be prepared and being armed with a plan for the colder seasons.

During winter months it is crucial that you get adequate rest while maintaining the existing fitness level that you have acquired to date. Take some time off allowing the body to recover and relax completely. Allowing for both mental and physical recovery and when returning to your training program you will be surprised at your progression, be sure to take sufficient time to rest while not losing your fitness level completely.

A common condition is Seasonal Affective Disorders (SAD) and slight depression during winter may be a symptom of this disorder as the body responds to a reduction in daylight and exposure to light and other changes in the season.

Other symptoms include:

  • Weight gain and increased appetite
  • Drowsiness during the day and increased sleep
  • Low energy levels in the afternoon limiting the ability to concentrate
  • Low interest in work and social activities
  • Irritability and frustration leading to unhappiness

Our approach is back to basics during the winter season and treat the body like an athlete during the off-season. Building a stronger foundation for progression for the spring and summer months.


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