Not Drinking Your Required Daily Intake of Water? Here Are Some Tips to assist and ensure you maintain your hydration needs!

Everyone is ALWAYS talking about how important it is to drink the right amount of water. We hear it every day! Your body needs to be constantly hydrated to function at its optimum levels. If you’re thirsty, then you’re already dehydrated. Time to reach for that water bottle! To help you keep it up, here are some handy hints!

Log Your Water

Wherever you choose to keep a log, whether it be on the whiteboard stuck to the fridge, or a complete health logbook, you need to mark off how much water has been drunk for the day. It is easy to forget or exaggerate the amount you consumed, and stickers are a handy, and time-efficient way to keep track (you’re welcome!).

Splash Lemon Juice into the Mix

Yes, we know that water can become quite dull and bland after only a few days of drinking the recommended amount, so add some new flavour to it by adding some lemon, or other citrus or favourite fruits you may have. This will help you stay clear of any nasty sugars and excess, empty calories that follow.

Fizz It Up With Club Soda

If you find yourself in need of some soda fizz and carbonation, opt for some club soda. If the taste is a bit too fizzy for you then you can always mix in some more water and have an elite H20 hydration option! You can also find several different flavours in club soda, which can help add variety.

Take a Bottle with You Everywhere

If it is within arm’s reach, you’ll find yourself drinking a lot more water than you usually would. Wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing, don’t forget to take your bottle of water with you to stay hydrated at all times. This is an extremely effective method of fighting off and keeping headaches at bay. Eventually, it will become a habit you won’t even notice, and you’ll be getting the right amount of water into your system.

Drink More When Exercising

If you are someone who works out or exercises intensely (or even at all), then make sure that you have that water bottle with you at all times also. You are going to be exerting a great amount of energy and need to stay hydrated to stay strong and heal properly. Fill your water bottle up before, during, and after your workout to make sure you are staying hydrated.


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