Day #01

The 8-week challenge starts here! The first thing you need to know about the 8-week challenge is that it is not really an 8-week challenge; there are no short cuts at EPIC because we know that any real goal requires real work!

The 8-week challenge is the kick start to your new lifestyle! A healthy, balanced, SUSTAINABLE lifestyle. Yes, we are going to be working hard over the next 8-weeks, but more importantly, we are going to be working a whole lot SMARTER!

The 8-week challenge is broken up into 3 phases, which are explained in-depth in your Phase Guide. These 3 Phases are then split into separate weeks, allowing us to provide you with bite-sized chunks of information that you can use to educate yourself and implement successfully into your life each week. 




It’s week 1 and the first bit of information you have received is your recipes. We have sent you a wide variety of healthy, balanced recipes to ensure you are not limited and left feeling under pressure to restrict or change your food to a whole new range of ingredients that you don’t enjoy or may refuse to eat.

We want you to start the challenge right by incorporating a variety of balanced meals into your diet. Even by implementing a few of the provided recipes into your weekly eating plan, you will see that eating nutritionally balanced meals does not have to be boring or leave a foul taste in your mouth. 

The first step is to simply incorporate these meals into your weekly eating plan and, for many of you, this may mean incorporating them into your families lives as well. This is another reason it is important to introduce change slowly. You are not only changing your life, but you are also changing the lives of the people around you and your loved ones, for the better.



We recommend including 4 cheat meals/snacks into your plan every week:

  • 2 x snacks over the week
  • 2 x meals over the week




In week 2, you will receive a nutritional log to record what you have been eating. With this and some additional information we may ask for, we will help you to analyse your overall eating plan and your eating habits. Our goal is to help correct your food portions, meal timing, eating times, nutritional balance and more.

We have also added you to the EPIC FIT Lifestyle Design group on Facebook! We encourage you to ask as many questions as possible. This forum will be used to answer your questions and provide you with the right information to help you in any areas you are struggling with, any time of day or night, for any reason.

There are no silly questions! Feel free to share pictures, stories and reviews to inspire others too.

Let’s get to work! And remember, that every change we implement, is a permanent, positive change for good! Nothing is temporary!


Let us know exactly how we can help and when is best to give you a call.