Want to speed up your metabolism? Breakfast is VERY Important!

Your breakfast is the most important meal of the day and EPIC cannot stress this enough! Doing so allows your metabolism to get to a flying start and stop you from snacking or binging on other foods later. Don’t think that coffee includes breakfast either, as the caffeine will stop you from being hungry now, and affect you later causing more binge eating. Use a number of complex carbohydrates for breakfast, including:
* Whole Grain
* Protein
* Low-Fat
* Minimal Sugar

Eat Less, More

Eating less but increasing meals to every 3 or 4 hours will allow your body to adapt to a good blood sugar level. This is important because when they drop, you become hungry and binge on more food than you really should. Keeping your metabolism at a high level will allow you to keep track of your hunger and make sure that you only start getting hungry at those regular times, essentially hotwiring your bodily functions.

Throw in Protein to Each Meal

Protein is a requirement for muscle growth and is essential to your digestive system in slowing it down, making sure you stay full longer than simply stocking up on unhealthy carbohydrates and sugar. You don’t have to lose any calories to lose weight by simply eating protein (to a point of course). Anything with over 12 grams of protein is a winner! Some examples are:
* Whole Wheat
* Turkey
* Vegetarian Chili
* Fruit
* Nuts
* Protein Bars

Stop Snacking

We turn to snacks when we are feeling low on energy and sometimes we need the extra boost. However, the point is to make sure that you know the difference between fatigue and hunger. Tiredness can be fixed with exercise and some cold water but hunger can ONLY be quelled by food. Drinking water is also another quick way to give yourself a quick boost should you need it. If you really are hungry, then a healthy, protein-rich snack is the best option, like whole wheat crackers with some cheese (or peanut butter).

Consume Your Required Energy Intake

You can eat more than you should and yet you shouldn’t be eating less than you’re supposed to. It’s a delicate balance to controlling your metabolism so you need to only eat what energy your body expends throughout the day. If it is too much, then cut out all the fatty foods and sugary drinks that are stacking on the calories. You’ll be amazed at how much you don’t have to change by cutting these items out!


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