Group training is not a new concept, it has been a big part of the fitness industry since the 80’s. First with aerobics then various group fitness style classes such as Zumba, Tai-Bo and others which focussed on a fun and fast paced but non-individualised approach. Now over the last 3-5 years the group training model has seen a major spike in popularity. The reason group training has been so fast growing is due to its new focus on HIIT training, bodyweight and functional movements suited for almost any individual. In a typical group training environment, there is a trainer who instructs the clients to follow and perform movements based on everyday movements they would perform in daily life.


What is personalised group training?

Personalised group training is much different to regular group training, the key word being “personalised”. In a personalised group training environment, there are often far fewer clients, allowing the trainer to focus on the clients with a more individualised approach providing specific exercises to each client dependant on their ability and current level of fitness.


A personalised group training session is a positive and highly motivational fitness environment to be in as you are constantly being guided and encouraged by a trainer. In addition to your trainer you have a team working hard along side you who are on a similar journey all working together to achieve their individual goals within the group.


An important factor of training is making a positive correlation between training and getting to the gym to do a workout. Personalised group training provides healthy camaraderie among participants and hold each individual accountable. The benefit is you work out harder than if you were alone, getting you that one step closer to your goals. Most group training classes occur daily and at some studios run every 40 minutes ensuring there is always a time to fit training into your schedule. Fixed times promote consistency which is one of the most critical and overlooked aspects of training.


A huge added benefit to group training is the cost, having a one on one personal trainer can be highly expensive which can create a negative aspect if goals are not reached or satisfaction among training. Group fitness is a way of lowering the cost but still having a personalised training programme with the added accountability, form and results with a trainer watching over the whole time, eliminating a lot of risks for injury and poor form related problems. Where the trainer might always not be available during a team workout, they’re there with a watchful eye for any improper techniques.



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