Research has shown that physical activity improves physical, mental and social functionality for many individuals. These benefits may be evident but some of us still need to be made aware of this to improve our health and enjoy the many benefits thereof. The initial feelings associated with physical activity, running especially, can often be daunting. The burning lungs, sore muscles, aching joints and feelings of inadequacy are all major contributors as to why it may be so difficult to begin running. For these reasons you can see why it is so important to make running a fun and enjoyable for all.


By making running fun we can create a desire to want to run. We need the negative associations to be removed so that running can be pure enjoyment not uncomfortable and painful. In doing this we can also create a habit and love for running. Once running becomes fun we create a positive spin and distract ourselves from the laboured breathing and discomfort that can occur in the initial stages of running. This enjoyable association with running is what is essential to create lifelong runners.


A strong motivator for younger individuals is their parents. If you are a parent, be an active role models, and encourage a passion for physical activity and running. We are often motivated by those close to us as well as those participating around us. A positive atmosphere makes one more inclined to join a running group or club. Younger individuals may also be motivated by older more experienced runners who have enjoyed running for many years.  You can help make individuals feel more able to run.


Simple ways to make running fun for yourself and others:

  • Set running related goals
  • Find new running routes
  • Turn running into a fun activity (relay races etc.)
  • Get the correct running gear
  • Create your perfect running playlist
  • Bring friends, family and work colleagues to join you as a running buddy


Getting individuals to enjoy running can be challenging, but once you are addicted to the freedom and results of running, you won’t stop. Make running a fun habit that is beneficial to your health, helps with stress release and increases happiness.


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