We’re all aware that being active is key to living a healthy lifestyle, and with heart disease on the rise, there’s no better time than now to start moving.

A good place to start is by setting a goal, something as simple as doing 30 minutes of moderate physical activity a day can help to reduce the risk of heart disease dramatically.


But why?


Your heart is a muscle. If you want to keep it functioning efficiently and effectively, you must exercise it to keep it fit. Without regular exercise, the body slowly loses its stamina and strength and increases your chances of heart disease and stroke by 50%!


30 minutes of moderate physical activity a day is important for:

  • Preventing heart disease
  • Lowering your risk of high blood pressure
  • Building a stronger immunity
  • Helping to control weight
  • Aiding in cardiac rehabilitation


As well as setting a good example for your friends, family and wider community.


And how?


Getting started is a lot easier than you think. Whatever your age, size or physical ability, there’s an option for you. And the good news is, those who are more inactive than others will feel the health benefits sooner than those who are more active.

Starting from scratch can be daunting, and no one expects you to sign up to gym and change your lifestyle overnight. Its as simple as reducing the amount of time you spend sitting.


  • Start in small amounts, build up 30 minutes a day in 5 – 10-minute blocks
  • Ask a friend or family member to join you
  • Choose an activity you enjoy, be it walking on the beach or swimming at the local pool
  • Set yourself goals and hold yourself accountable, remember to start small but make sure you challenge yourself.


Remember, any extra time you spend moving and not sitting is doing you a world of good. Something is better than nothing.

Get up and live a strong, long, healthy life!


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