Losing weight and maintaining this weight loss requires simple lifestyle & habit changes. Implementing long term, sustainable changes will result in weight loss and weight management with little interruption to your daily life.

Losing unhealthy weight and keeping this weight off doesn’t require diets or endless hours in the gym. Start with these 3 simple steps and see results within a week.

Move every day

We don’t mean go to the gym every day, we mean MOVE every day. Movement is important to the human body and movement matters.

Movement creates a healthier you. The increased heart rate increases blood flow and overall efficiency in the body. Regular activity also limits heart disease and corrects high and low blood pressure. In addition, you can also reduce fatty deposits in organs and reduce your visceral fat reading. All this helps reduce health problems such as diabetes, cholesterol, cancers and more. Movement and physical activity allow the body to release endorphins, a feel-good hormone, resulting in a happier and healthier you. This positive attitude assists you in creating a sustainable habit of regular physical activity. By incorporating 30 minutes of physical activity into your daily life you can enjoy these benefits and keep the habit going.

Increasing muscle mass changes your body shape and composition and makes you stronger. This will increase your metabolism resulting in an increase in the rate at which you burn fuel for energy. Your stored fat will also be used as a fuel source which makes weight management easier. Physical activity works not only the heart and lungs but also your muscles and your mind.

While participating in physical activity always ensure you elevate your heart rate progressively to ensure you are training safely. Don’t forget to breathe more as your activity intensity increases. Don’t be afraid to break a sweat and feel your muscles being exerted. You should aim for muscle fatigue after your session, not muscle pain.

Our EPIC sessions provide the perfect blend of cardio and resistance training programs. Every one of our EPIC sessions are heart rate monitored and ability based so you can achieve your individual desired results.

Eating habit changes in moderation

When losing weight or trying to maintain a healthy weight, it is critical to eat foods and change the food you eat in moderation. This may eliminate the primary reason most changes in eating habits fail. You need to ensure that the new changes are sustainable and are not drastic enough to create an anxious and deprived you. Reward yourself every so often but not with food/drinks that are bad for you. Occasionally give into a craving, have that small treat. Just be mindful of how often you do this and what triggers the craving.

Be sure to create a lifestyle change that can be continued. Never try to follow a diet/eating plan that constantly changes or restricts you too much, as this has detrimental effects on your metabolism and the desired long-term results. You may feel resentment towards the eating plan and the process of getting healthy and give up!

To gain even greater results you should cut down your portion sizes, irrespective of what you are eating. This change will assist in consuming less food and, in turn, fewer calories. Please note that men should be eating more than their female equal and younger adults have faster metabolism compared to more mature adults.

Drinking water will also assist in satiety and ensuring you are sufficiently hydrated. More often than not, we eat because we think we are hungry when we are In fact thirsty.

A food journal is our best recommendation when it comes to starting a healthy eating plan. We do not believe in diets and want to encourage you to eat healthy food that fuels your needs and leaves you feeling energised and craving more healthy options. Speak to one of your EPIC Trainers about this plan today.

Strength in numbers

Studies have proven that to increase your chances of success in making any lifestyle related change, do it with another person or group. This provides not only support but also accountability for both or all of you. This person becomes a great motivator and support structure, keeping you accountable and supporting your habit changes. Enlisting the help of this lifestyle change partner ensures that you stick to your goals & milestones with them encouraging you to keep them informed on your progress. You can choose to share more with them like your barriers and if there are any triggers that may affect your failure. You I turn can be a great help to them too and seeing some succeed and progress could be one of the best experiences in the world.

This is exactly why we believe in T.E.A.M Training at EPIC because Together Everyone Achieves More.

Although there are only 3 small suggestions, try incorporate them all and see what difference you experience after just 1 week.


Let us know exactly how we can help and when is best to give you a call.