Your 7 Day Guide to A Healthy Lifestyle

We all often do the same thing, going to sleep and telling ourselves that we will be better tomorrow. We are going to start that exercise routine, hoping to take our first steps on a healthy lifestyle. The only problem is that when we wake up, most of us go straight back to our usual routines.

Instead of giving up, people should be excited about committing to an active lifestyle and choosing to eat healthier. We need this to perform at our optimum levels and age gracefully.

By constantly exercising and eating right, your body ‘gets the message’ and starts adapting to your new, healthy lifestyle. This means your metabolism speeds up and you will have much more energy. 30 minutes of cardio is all you really need a day and eating right will come with trial and error.

For some extra assistance, take a look at the following pieces of advice:

* Warm-up when you begin exercising. Warm your body up for 7 to 8 minutes for the more intense sessions coming.
* One or two sets of resistance exercise, resting for only 45 seconds in between your sets.
* Choose two aerobic activities that you particularly enjoy and then engage in 12 to 15 minutes of the first activity, followed by 10 minutes of the second.
* Cool down for 5 minutes at low intensity by stretching.
* In the time frame of 1 to 8 weeks (depending on your fitness levels), you will feel much more energetic and focused.
* In the time frame of 2 to 6 months, you will lose a great amount of weight, especially around your waist, looking thinner. You will also start to look more toned and muscular.
* When the 6-month point has come and gone, your body will begin to lose weight very efficiently and at a faster rate.
* Don’t give up and think you’ve achieved your goals, however, as consistent exercise is necessary to keep it that way.
* Eat a number of little meals a day as opposed to large ones, and do the same for snacks.
* Eat a balanced diet of fruit, vegetables, fish, egg whites, lean meats, dairy products, complex carbs, wild rice, multigrain, whole grain, and other proteins.
* Use fats VERY sparingly, but don’t eradicate them completely.
* Drink the recommended amount of water per day (3 litres at least)
* Take multi-vitamins.

After following these tips, you can already be on your way to a better, healthier, and much more enjoyable life. If you liked this article, you can find more at our EPIC website.


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