Did you know that if you lose 3500 calories through a workout, then you have lost 1 pound of fat? You can lose more than this every week but doctors have advised of the dangers of losing more than 2 pounds every week. This is important as your body needs to get used to the new weight loss routine and healthier eating.
Follow these fantastic tips to assist you in achieving this 3500 calorie margin (SAFELY!):

Start Jogging (or Running)

If you are running or jogging slowly then, depending on your body, you can lose around 350 calories every hour you run. Do this for 5 days every week and you can lose that 3500 calories safely, and becoming stronger too. Just remember not to consume more than 450 calories of carbohydrates of the effort is worthless. Instead, opt for some healthy salads and the like as they will give you the same (if not more) energy.

Stop Eating Out

Whenever you rely on someone else to cook your food and dish it out to you, then you really are doing a disservice to your workout program and all the efforts you have made. Junk foods are high in fat and can transform a simple meal, into something with three times the calories as before! You must plan your meals and make sure that the amount of effort you put in isn’t degraded by unhealthy habits. Watching what goes into your food will be one of the most important parts of your success.

When you have to go out and socialize with friends, don’t lose focus on what’s important. You can have a small snack or two or you can put in the extra amount of work to lose the calories you’ve added. Choose the healthier options that have been provided at these functions and you’ll find it much easier to manage your regime, and not lose your mind! Simple things like this will keep your waistline slim and your motivation levels right up!


By limiting your calorie consumption and working out/exercising at a consistent level, that pound of fat or two will be peanuts to work off (and keep off!) Remember that you need to stay disciplined, strong, and keep that ultimate goal in mind. 3500 calories really is nothing to work off and if you can plan your meals (as mentioned above) you will be on the path to shedding that excess weight and feeling great!


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