Here’s How You Can Tell!

Everyone loves to lose weight when they put in the effort to implement any weight loss initiative. Unfortunately, most of us don’t understand the correct way to lose weight and end up losing muscle instead. This is detrimental to your success as it will most certainly decrease your metabolism, causing your body to hold onto excess fat a lot harder. The trick is to understand the difference. Read on to find out a simple and free method how!

Whenever you burn calories and shed fat to make energy, you produce a bunch of chemicals named ‘Ketones’. This proves that you are eating away at your own fat and not your muscles (Dr Atkins). If you are obese, it is imperative that your body burns off all excess weight and not your muscles so you should regularly carry out tests to detect any ketones in your system. If you find that you are not producing any ketones, then your diet or program is useless to your efforts and should be tweaked, adjusted, altered, or abandoned completely. Furthermore, it could even be dangerous to your health!

You can find many low cost (and sometimes free) ketone strips at many pharmacies (though not all) and are given to diabetics. Using this little tool, you can detect any ketones in your body through urine samples and measure whether that diet is working or not.

If you are not involved in a healthy food plan and workout regime, yet you find you are still losing weight, then you are not getting enough calories, restricting your body to feed on your muscles since there is extra fat to work on. It could be fatal in certain instances so don’t take this advice lightly! Your heart is a muscle, and muscle failure occurs from starving yourself!


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