The 5 Factors to Your Fitness Level

The term ‘fitness’ can be described as:
“Being able to function at optimum levels during the day and still be able to deal with any extra or unforeseen activities that may occur.”

The 5 factors that contribute to your physical fitness levels are as follows:

* Cardiorespiratory Endurance
* Muscular Strength
* Muscular Endurance
* Flexibility
* Body Composition

The three factors that are above ‘Body Composition’ will ultimately display its result and will allow you to lose weight by doing so.

There are a few mentions that should be considered here before delving further into your fitness levels, such as the fact that many benefits will come from looking after it. There is a massive availability for potential greatness and your physical prowess will increase all. The many benefits that you can see from looking after your fitness are an increase in:
* Speed
* Muscle Power
* Agility
* Hand-Eye Coordination
* Foot- Eye Coordination
* Athletic Abilities
* Motor Skills
* Sensory Perception

Exercise Fundamentals

When you take part in an exercise routine, it is imperative that you strive for safe and correct execution in order to achieve the very best results quickly and efficiently. The following fundamentals should be adhered to:


The whole point of an exercise routine is to do it often and to do it at a consistent level, otherwise, you will not get anywhere and become deflated from the lack of results. Sleep also requires the same discipline, followed by your diet. It’s all about consistency and regulation!


Your exercise routines must not only be consistent and regular, but they also need to increase in challenge and difficulty as your fitness levels do. There is no point reaching a certain point and getting nowhere shortly afterwards, it kills motivation and does nothing to improve your level of physical fitness.


Do not focus overly on one item, exercise, or food over another as moderation and balance are the keys to a happy life (and your fitness!).


Mixing it up can shock your body, keeping your routine more effective, and also stop you from losing interest in life itself and giving up soon after you started.


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