Losing weight and maintaining this weight loss requires simple lifestyle changes. Implementing sustainable changes will result in weight loss and weight management with little interruption to your daily life.

Losing weight and keeping weight off doesn’t require diets or endless hours in the gym, follow these 3 simple steps and start slimming down today.

Exercise every day

Increasing muscle mass changes your body shape and composition, this will increase your metabolism resulting in an increase in the number of calories you burn. Physical activity works not only the heart and lungs but also your muscles and mind.

Exercise creates a healthier you. The increased heart rate increases blood flow and efficiency through the body, limiting heart disease and correcting high and low blood pressure. In addition, you reduce fatty deposits, helping reduce health problems such as diabetes. Exercise and physical activity release endorphins, a feel-good hormone, resulting in a happier and healthier you.  This positive attitude assists in creating a sustainable habit of regular physical activity. By incorporating 30 minutes of physical activity into your daily life you can enjoy these benefits.

While participating in physical activity always ensure you elevate your heart rate progressively, that your breathing is increased, you break a sweat and feel your muscles being exerted.

Eat in moderation

When losing weight or trying to maintain weight loss, it is critical to eat all foods in moderation and to occasionally give into a craving. This may eliminate the primary reason most changes in diet fail. You need to ensure that the new changes are sustainable and are not drastic enough to create an anxious and deprived you. Reward yourself constantly with small treats as this eliminates the need for large portions or bad treats.

Be sure to create a lifestyle change that can be continued and not follow a diet that constantly changes, as this has detrimental effects on your metabolism and the desired long term results.

To gain even greater results you should cut down your portion sizes irrespective of what you are eating. This change will assist in consuming less food and in turn fewer calories. Drinking water will also assist in feeling full and sufficiently hydrated. Constantly monitor your food portions and see the results.

Strength in numbers

Studies have proven that to increase your chances of success in maintaining lifestyle changes, relating to weight loss, maintaining of weight loss or sticking to an exercise or physical activity program that you should train with a friend or family member. This person becomes a great motivator and support structure, keeping you accountable and supporting your habit changes. Enlisting the help of this lifestyle change partner ensures that you stick to your goals by them encouraging you to keep them informed several times a week on your progress, barriers and triggers that may affect your failure.


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