You Need to Get More Sleep- Here’s why!

When it comes to the list of adult priorities, it is safe to assume that many of us will not put ‘amount of sleep’ up there with the bills, or work. Many of us, thanks to technology, have become overwhelmed with working, watching, fixing, helping, or anything else. The problem that comes with this is the fact that sleep deprivation can lead to some very serious health issues. In order to assist you in getting the best amount of sleep possible, follow these 3 great tips!

1 – Look After Your Heart

As cholesterol and blood pressure worsen over time due to unhealthy lifestyles, our hearts become one of the main reasons that we don’t get the right amount of sleep. Heart attacks and strokes do seem to happen whenever people are in bed or in the very, early hours of the morning. Catch some more ZZZs in order to stay alive longer!


2 – Stress Less

Whenever you are tired, you can become irritable and anxious very easily. This is because you are more stressed (both your mind and body) when you are tired and puts you on edge. Your blood pressure increases and heightens, bringing along a high number of health issues with it. It’s also unavoidable that when you are stressed, this means that more stress hormones are being produced and flowing through your body. Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night in order to avoid these unfortunate events.


3 – Look After Your Brain

The most important part of getting enough sleep stems from the fact that you are ready to take on the following day. The right amount of sleep will keep you alert, focused, and energetic. Those who are sleep deprived will be the complete opposite. You will show signs of brain fog and appear sluggish. Your productivity also decreases as you handle tasks and errands throughout the day much less effectively. Another great benefit of sleeping enough is that your memory drastically improves. Your senses are almost heightened, providing a variety of engaging stimuli. In doing so, your brain absorbs everything much more efficiently, allowing you to learn quickly from your many experiences and tasks!


If those reasons aren’t enough to make sure you get enough ZZZs, then EPIC doesn’t know what could! If you really are having trouble with your sleep patterns, then please see the help of a medical professional. They may be able to assist you in regulating your circadian rhythm.

Thanks for reading!


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