T.E.A.M Training sessions offer fully body fitness training classes with high intensity workouts that are designed to get your heart rate pumping. Individual sessions are available for specific goal getting & injury recovery sessions.


We put the FUN in Functional training. Our unique approach to group fitness allows us to provide a variety of total body workouts in every session, catering for all ability levels. EPIC FIT offers a variety of T.E.A.M Training sessions with a focus on helping you become functionally stronger, live a healthier life and be more active. Our T.E.A.M Training fitness classes will challenge you no matter your ability. We cater for everyone from beginner through to athletes as well as those with injuries. Every high intensity workout is only 40 minutes, allowing you more time to live your healthy, active life. You will get to know your team members and be accountable because your EPIC Trainer and team mates will expect to see you every time. EPIC FIT us unlike any group fitness studio you have been to before.


For an even more personal experience, book into an EPIC FIT Individual session with our motivating and knowledgeable EPIC trainers. We aim to ensure you reach your full potential, irrespective of your perceived ability. Our personal training sessions cover gym training programs, injury recovery, strength & conditioning, nutritional support and goal setting sessions. If you have the will EPIC FIT has the way! Goal setting is very important and your EPIC Trainer will show you how to follow the EPIC process guaranteeing you will reach any goal you decide to work towards. Be you, only Better!


Your EPIC FIT Journey involves physical, mental, emotional and behavioural changes. We want to make this process easy enough that you begin it and continue with ease and enthusiasm. EPIC FIT provides a variety of beneficial products and services that can help you to reach your health & wellness goals. Let us show you how simple lifestyle changes can result in EPIC changes for you and your loved ones.

Movement Matters

At Epic we know movement is essential and our 'Movement through Motivation' approach is our solution to a healthy, happy, injury-free you. We focus on functional movements and teach you to do these right. Our regular Recovery Routine® stretching sessions reduce the risk of injury, increase flexibility and mobility while conditioning and strengthening muscles. The EPIC Trainers are always there to correct your form and technique.

Train smarter & harder

Our unique approach to training allows you to reach your goals safely, effectively and quickly. Our T.E.A.M (Together Everyone Achieves More) training environment is friendly and provides you with that perfect blend of support, motivation and personal attention. All sessions are 40 minutes and include a warm up, full body workout and stretch. Training you within your ability but outside your comfort zone.

The weight is over

Metabolic training is a sure way to burn extra calories while strengthening and improving your cardio. At EPIC FIT we start from where you are and progress you from there. Body weight training is a safe and effective start to resistance training that can leads to far greater results than other forms of strength training. With a strong foundation you can achieve EPIC results.

We put the IT in FIT

Using EPIC FIT BPM Training® technology we track, control and assess your training intensity using heart rate monitors. Your heart is a reliable and accurate indicator of your body's response to physical activity, giving us a true reflection of your capabilities. Just another way Epic ensures safe training that is suitable for everybody.

Progression sessions

We believe the best way to keep our clients motivated is to monitor and track your progress. We have regular Progression Sessions to keep you on track. Your initial Benchmark shows us where your ability levels were and we monitor your progression every 6-8 weeks. These are a fun and motivating way to gauge whether you are improving or where you need to make improvements.

Trace & Replace

Sustainable eating habits are essential to guarantee your success. We offer nutritional services and products that can help you eat better. We offer advice on how to trace bad habits and replace them with healthy ones. We strongly believe that habit creation is the only way to see real results. Our EPIC Essential range of products are nutritious, delicious and convenient.


Let us know exactly how we can help and when is best to give you a call.