Tired of your usual fitness routines and endless hours at gyms?

At EPIC FIT we believe in training smarter and harder. Our unique training incorporates bodyweight and resistance programs into fun, quick and result based training sessions. We identify each client's individual needs and goals and through our tailor-made training programs we will transform your life, build your strength, tone your body and increase your motivation to achieve your full potential!

Don't be stuck in the same gym routine, avoid hitting plateaus and stay motivated with an EPIC FIT Personal Trainer.

The EPIC FIT Advantage

EPIC FIT minimises training time by utilising a unique system that allows you to switch from one exercise to the next seamlessly, while completing a full body workout in just 40 minutes. We limit group sizes to just 6 allowing you the attention, guidance and support you need every time. The personal training environment and approach to you, as a unique individual, keeps you motivated, driven and accountable to your results. EPIC FIT aims to get you in the best shape of your life and stay there!

Training smarter and harder

This mantra is reflected in the simplicity and intensity of our group fitness sessions and personal training techniques. Our Epic Movement Screen allows us to assess your movement patterns and identify all imbalances, weaknesses and strengths. With this knowledge we can safely, effectively and efficiently provide training that is perfectly suited to your individual needs and ability level.

At EPIC FIT we include progressions and regressions into all our training techniques & gym programs allowing all ability levels to participate. Our EPIC FIT sessions improve strength, power, mobility, flexibility, balance, rehabilitation and cardiovascular stamina. All these improvements lead to greater results than normal strength training techniques - more muscles are activated; more calories are burned & more results are achieved. We will teach you to train smarter and harder!

Our full body training sessions include a large range of purely functional exercises, concentrating on perfect form and movement patterns. We will improve your ability to perform everyday tasks or sports specific movements with greater ease, while completely transforming your body, mind and habits.

EPIC FIT Studios

We are leading the trend of personal training gyms. Our advantage is that our training is group based, personalised, safe and effective for everyone. EPIC FIT offers you a welcoming training environment with no mirrors and no machines. All our EPIC Trainers are friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals.

We are not your average gym or training facility - we are a centre for healthy lifestyle change. Let the team at EPIC Fit show you how simple and sustainable lifestyle changes can provide an EPIC RESULT!


The success of EPIC FIT lies within the support structure and friendships that are created while training together with likeminded individuals under the guidance of one of our motivating EPIC Personal Trainers. You will be inspired, have fun and work towards your fitness goals while training within your ability but outside your comfort zone.

EPIC FIT Personal Trainers know you are unique and training you according to your personal abilities and goals is our priority. We are qualified Personal Trainers who have been upskilled to be EPIC Trainers with a passion for your health, fitness and personal wellbeing. We are all about the EPIC Experience and providing movement through motivation.

We focus on holistic lifestyle changes and can also provide you with individual nutrition plans, specific goal setting plans, stretching and recovery routines, lifestyle and habit guidelines.


Let us know exactly how we can help and when is best to give you a call.