High intensity, low impact, indoor cycling delivering maximum results and catering for all abilities.

Overall Experience

Burning calories with a high intensity low impact activity– we agree a spin class is the best way!

Our trainers stay off the seats to ensure you stay on yours and perform at your maximum potential. Unlike most spinning classes, our trainers stay off the bikes allowing them to constantly guide you through correct cycling patterns, perfecting your technique and it allows them to provide a more personal experience.

We constantly encourage you to improve and focus not only on technique but all aspects of performance down to the finest details such as efficient breathing.

Using heart rate training to monitor your intensity, this is sure to get you improving your cardiovascular & endurance and create an enjoyment for your spin cycle class.

Cycling is one of the most highly recommended forms of cardio because of its versatility to cater for all ability levels.

There is very low impact so it is safe for all joints.

Cycling provides a full range of motion for knees, hips and ankles as well as building strong leg muscles and improving aerobic strength.

The Spinergy indoor spin studio experience is a combination of low resistance fast paced cycling and high resistance hill climbing and sprints.

Motivation from the team environment and your EPIC Trainer keeps you going through the session with adrenaline, effort and determination!

Learn to love the benefits of stronger muscles that can perform for longer!

For the best spin class workout try a Spinnergy session today!

Movement through motivation

Improved cardiovascular capabilities. A proven way to lower your risk of heart diseases and increase your aerobic ability.

Increased muscular strength & endurance. Develop and strengthen lower body muscles and learn how to keep them powering you throughout the session. Your muscles will love the burn for longer!

Suitable for all ability levels with low impact on joints. Even if you have, or have had an injury, you can still keep active without limitations. Injured through to elite welcome.

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