Destress, strengthen & learn new skills without the injuries.

Overall Experience

Our EPIC FIT Hooked training is set to improve strength, control and results without the impact of regular boxing.

The focus at EPIC FIT Hooked is on limited impact, skill mastery, and of course strength & ability. You will benefit from both cardio and strength components in one Hooked boxing class. While strengthening upper and lower body muscles you will also include explosive movements teaching you control & power.

Shoulders will be strengthened progressively to ensure you limit the risk of injury but still benefit from the session. The skills of coordination, balance and agility will also be acquired in Hooked boxing classes. Not only will you learn and perform boxing specific activities but the EPIC FIT trainer will also add in complementary exercises that will make your Hooked Experience and even better one.

Lots of core strength, skipping, punching skills and upper body strength activities will form part of your Hooked boxing training. If you have a shoulder injury we can cater for you in the session by putting more of a focus on mobility rather than strength.

Hooked is definitely for everyone, whether you are new to boxing, have done boxing previously or have an injury.

Our Hooked boxing studio caters for everyone and we promise to show you how to learn boxing basics so it an enjoyable and beneficial experience for everyone. Just one session and you’ll be Hooked!

Movement through motivation

Increase overall strength and cardio with boxing skills and techniques and training methods. Starting with the basics, let our EPIC FIT team teach you how to enjoy boxing.

Minimal contact meaning less impact resulting in fewer injuries. WE don’t need you to smash a bag as hard as possible to get you results. We will show you how to achieve results that don’t hurt!

Reduce stress, gain skills and burn calories while having fun. Boxing training is a great way to burn lots of calories in a way that is fun, challenging and safe for all ability levels.

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No joining fees. No lock in contracts. No cancellation fees.