Physical Activity

Improving your life through basic movement and creating sustainable changes.

Healthy Balanced Nutrition

Educating you on the basics of healthy eating and understanding food.

Stress Management

Addressing and managing common stresses which may be hidden in the subconscious.

EPIC Lifestyle design Provide support and Guidance

What is included?

Private Facebook Group

We provide motivation and support through a private group, touching on topics related to physical activity, balanced nutrition and stress management

Nutritional Content & Guidance

Complete your personalised online consultation to have your hydration and nutritional requirements fine tuned. With daily tips and nutritional guidelines you will feel better than ever, and finally get the result you need.

Healthy Recipes

Over 500 recipes covering all your dietary needs. Providing you with a full nutritional breakdown helping meet your daily requirements and nutrition goals.

Online Training

Access to daily workouts focusing on functional movements to get you in the condition to move and feel better. With regressions and progressions to cater for all abilities the lifestyle challenge has the push you need. With weekly recovery routines to keep your body healthy and injury free.

Guided Goal Setting

Setting a goal seems easy, yet somehow unachievable. The EPIC RESULT goal setting process will help you finally understand the importance of milestones and the healthy habits, and tasks you need to reach your goals.

Lifestyle Design Blogs

Relevant blogs daily to address all aspects of your Lifestyle Design Journey, we discuss activity, nutrition and stress management.

Support Hub

You have access to qualified personal trainers everyday to ask all your health and fitness questions. Its all about motivation through education.

Why Lifestyle Design?